In Switzerland we did three shows, but first I will talk about Bern, the capital of the country and where we did the first show.
Chris and I went by plane from Berlin to Basel and in Basel we took a train to Bern.
We arrived very early, we walked all day and had the opportunity to get to know almost the entire city! It was super cold, but it was great to go around looking the town.
In Bern there is no subway, only bus and tram. Some are beautiful!

Look at this sculpture on the sidewalk!
All is very organized, the posters too!

Replacing the energy!

We got to know the house where Einstein lived for two years, and it was there that he discovered the Theory of Relativity!
Einstein House!
Believe it or not, like many geniuses, Einstein did not have good grades in school.
The street in which Einstein lived ...
The show was at Musigbistrot Bern and everyone was very nice! Super cozy place, delicious food, and VIP treatment!

The art on this super cool poster was done by Brazilian designer Bruno Morais.

Andrea Azzi, the bar owner, is a very generous person. She took the pictures and gave us a ride the next day to Thun, where the second show was...

Soon Thun!


KirK said...

Great narrative and photos! Looks incredible. Saudades, amigos!

Canja Rave said...

Hey Kirk! Thanks! :)
How are you?
Nós também estamos com saudades de vocês!
Paula & Chris.