Our last show in 2011 was in a place that we love, not only to play but also to go with good friends, to drink and eat...and to get a tattoo!
It was our second show of the year there... The good thing of playing close to our home is that many personal friends have the chance to see us play!

The White Trash really has the best hamburger in town (vegetarian and meat)...hummmm.
It was the last show of the "Badango" tour and the first time we played several songs from the new album: "Dirty Shoes, Ball and Old Songs"!!
These two on the left, bought the "Badango" vynil and cd...thanks guys! See you in the next show.
In the same night there was also a fashion show: Junker Designs from Los Angeles.

Several known rockers wear their clothes, as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz and others.
DJ Rock'n'rolla Pigbeats to continue the party!


Filipe Freitas said...

It seems me that it was an amazing show! I hope see you soon, during the new tour.

Congratulation, Canja Rave!

Canja Rave said...

Thanks Filipe!! See you soon in Dublin!