One more cool festival!! The Pilsen City Festival was on the city where pilsen beer was invented...

The city is small and very beautiful...the shows happened in many different stages all over town.

On this square was located the main stage. This look is very Czech Republican!

Art and music all over the city!

A ballet dancer with a moustache!!

Street festivals are always really nice, because they consist of an all age audience...

We were together again with our friends from The Sisters, a very cool band from Prague. Our show was at night...people were very thrilled, but unfortunatelly we have no photos of the performance.
If you have some, please send us a copy?! Please.

We were told around town that on this bar the Pilsen Urquell comes straight from the brewery!
We had to stop there after the show...

The shows in the Czech Republic are always great, and we can´t wait to go back there!

Comida típica!

Drinking one last beer in the most classical Pilsen Urquell´s bar! I enjoy the old labels as well.

Time to go to bed...

When we got home, we got this really cool present!! Our newest friend Eliska!!

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Hlávka Zelí said...

Wow! I am so glad you like our city. Please come back soon! We´ll bring more friends for your another concert. Thx for publishin my little sisters pic, she will be impressed. See you soon your fan Hlávka Zelí