Finally going to Dublin!

Although Ryanair is not friendly with those who need to carry musical equipment they have great pride in the friendliness of their flight attendants.

The Friday show was at Whelans!

The Irish people are great fun and really enjoy a beer ... not one beer, but maaaaany!

Our friend Filipe Freitas was a great host and showed us the city on Sunday, because on Saturday we played in Thomastown...which we'll write about in the next post!
Ah, all the pictures from the show are also by Filipe!! :) Thanks, thanks, thanks!

The modern part of town!

Is it me, or the convention center looks like a giant pint of beer?

The tourism of pubs in Dublin!!

In the land of Guinness you see a lot of items of the brand.

The famous region of Temple Bar. The Temple Bar in this photo was established 1840!

In the next post will talk about our show in Thomastown, a friendly and beautiful small city in Ireland.

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