We left Dublin to Thomastown by train. Here we are waiting for the tram to the rail station.

There we go!

The long awaited visit to the Guinness stout beer factory will have to wait 'til the next time around. The factory is close to the rail station.

We bought the tickets online and received a code to print them at this machine inside the station.

The trains were really good to our surprise. Better than many we have traveled in other countries. What a sweet ride!

Our names were tagging our seats, also previously booked online.

To snack or not to snack?

We love smaller towns in particular since they are so cozy.

Arriving in town people were very kind to give us directions to downtown. Leaving the site, a friendly grandma and grandpa were very kind to offer us a lift to the bar! They were local farmers of the area. Thanks again, you were lovely.

The bar that we played in Thomastown: The Bridge Brook Arms @ the Red Door stage.

The view looking from the bar! This is a special place!

More stout beer! The Red Door stage! Acoustic and cozy vibe.


Maybe this lamp could be a little further from the hi-hat?

All the locals here know each other. While we walked around everyone said "hello" to us. Could they really tell we were foreigners?

The town is very small, village style, without any tall buildings and no local public transportation. Then we undertood why the folks gave us a ride downtown. It is silent and the air is really clean.

The only "gas station" takes up part of one of the main street's sidewalks! Interesting...

Our hotel, The Tower House, is owned by a man who has already worked at Petrobras oil company, and for a while lived in Brazil. The breakfast was really good! Reminding us of our favorite "American" breakfast from Effies in Ferndale, Michigan!

Despite the small stage, the show was great with good sound and all the "Thomastowners" decided to show up. We met many cool musicians from the local scene, which were not a few for the size of the city!

Selling some albums.

Guinness cheers with our new friends. One of the best pints of Guinness we ever had!

On the next day, after a good night of sleep and a super breakfast, nothing better than a morning walk with the smell of the grass, trees .... and cows!

What a beautiful walk until the rail station. By the way, where is it??

This is what I'm talking about!

Paula found the way, almost there!

Now what?! We have almost 1 hour until the train gets here!

So much silence, and only us at the station...

It was so silent and lonely that we decided to play some music to pass the time. See the video bellow:

"One More Song" at the rail station in Thomastown.

Believe it or not, the Dublin airport is full of hares (big rabbits!) They prefer the noise of the airplanes then being around people!

Going back home... Good bye Ireland!! Thank you & Cheers!!