Merry Christmas everyone!!

FELIZ NATAL PARA TODOS! Boas Festas e muitas alegrias!


THUN @ SWITZERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog is not a tourism blog. We talk about the places where we play with Canja Rave, however there are places that we like to talk about more. We were quite impressed with the beauty of this town.
Surely, this is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever had the opportunity to know. That's why I love my band, because thanks to it, I have these rare opportunities! Whether it's a totally rock'n'roll show or a more acoustic performance, knowing new places is always a great pleasure for us.

I would like to understand why some people have the priviledge of being born in a place like this! They live in a postcard!
Our second show in Switzerland was in Thun ... It is very close to Bern.
Look at the Alps back there!
As usual, during the day we walked around the city, because the show was at night.
Lake Thun!
Beautiful sunset!

Chris, are you Valderrama???? hahahahaha.
"Apfelstrudel" - "Jorgito" part 1!The acoustic show was at Mundwerk Bar!! I played my "baby" washboard, melodica and singed, of course! The place was incredible: a kind of medieval tavern made of stone!
Actually, the drums would be too loud there!
The show was really cool for a super polite and friendly audience, mostly very young! Nobody talked between songs while we played! We have made many friends there and we are sure we will return soon ... maybe next time with the drums!

The joy of returning to the hotel after the show and seeing such beauty was priceless! The square where our hotel was at the night. Wow!
Our Hotel - medieval building!The next day, we woke up with a beautiful sunny day! From the hotel window we could see a very cool fair that was happening on the square in front of the hotel! Christmas crafts, foods, winter clothing, candles, theater, music...
Behind the hotel, the Thun Castle!
Thun Castle (Schloss Thun) was built by Berchtold V in 1186 and is fully maintained.
Climbing up the stairs to the castle drinking a "Guaraná" from Brasil (pra matar a saudade!).
Swiss Hot Chocolate: "Jorgito" part 2!!

Switzerland is a country that not only impresses you by its beauty, but mainly for its education, culture and many friendly people. In fact a country with four official languages ​​and an incredible quality of life, could not be different.
It must be nice to be duck here! Look at the color of the water!

"Where the ducks go in the winter?"...... that is a chorus of a song from the new album, "Ducks"!
After an incredible day that was not "rock'n roll" at all, time to take the train to Basel, because a rock night awaits for us! This is Canja Rave!

Thun Bye-bye! Tchau! Auf Wiedersehen! Espero poder voltar logo logo para esse lugar!!



In Switzerland we did three shows, but first I will talk about Bern, the capital of the country and where we did the first show.
Chris and I went by plane from Berlin to Basel and in Basel we took a train to Bern.
We arrived very early, we walked all day and had the opportunity to get to know almost the entire city! It was super cold, but it was great to go around looking the town.
In Bern there is no subway, only bus and tram. Some are beautiful!

Look at this sculpture on the sidewalk!
All is very organized, the posters too!

Replacing the energy!

We got to know the house where Einstein lived for two years, and it was there that he discovered the Theory of Relativity!
Einstein House!
Believe it or not, like many geniuses, Einstein did not have good grades in school.
The street in which Einstein lived ...
The show was at Musigbistrot Bern and everyone was very nice! Super cozy place, delicious food, and VIP treatment!

The art on this super cool poster was done by Brazilian designer Bruno Morais.

Andrea Azzi, the bar owner, is a very generous person. She took the pictures and gave us a ride the next day to Thun, where the second show was...

Soon Thun!