Switzerland again.. Zürich, Bern and Thun!

Our first time in Zürich was very intense! We played@La Catrina...rock'n'roll style, friendly and crazy people  in the red light district! Wow!

We were sold out of vinyls there, our first show of the tour... Thanks folks!

Musigbistrot, Bern! Cool poster by Bruno Morais...the same guy who made the art of "Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs", our 3rd album.

It was our second time there and it is always a great vibe and great food too. Thanks Andrea Azzi for everything.

Our rocker friends from the amazing band from Bern called "The Jackets" came to see us. Nice!

Canja Rave, Jackie Torera and Chris Rosales 

Mundwerk, Thun for the 4th time!!
It is alway great to come back to this post card city and see many friendly faces!!

Sound check!! Reto you're a great host!!

Paula and Reto Kupferschmied

Cool photos by Pascale Amez, thanks again!

Like always this crowd made us feel very loved! Helping us singing even songs in Portuguese from our older albums! 

Thanks once again Thun for being such a gentle and welcoming crowd! It will be a pleasure to come back as much as we can!  

 Canja Rave and our friend Remo Schneeberger who went to all of our shows in Thun so far! ;)