Soon!!! New album with songs in English!

The album was recorded
in Berlin, with production of the famous producer Alvaro Alencar, winner of 10 Grammys!

Chris and Alvaro!

The number 3 was present throughout the recording process. There were 3 different studios during 3 weeks ... and it was the third continent where we recorded.
The drums were recorded at Studio Trixx, guitars and vocals in Tonbrauerei Studio and other vocals were recorded at home!
For us it was a great privilege to have had the opportunity to record with Alvaro, a special person not only for his professional qualities, but also by his generosity, sensitivity, and patience!

He changed the spot of the drums for a better sound!

Washboard!! Yeah!

Wine with Klaus (Trixx Studio) for the relax after the busy day!

Tonbrauerei Studio is where the old factory of Berliner Kindl used to be.
Guitar amps...Fender, Fender and Fender!

Alvaro, Chris, Paula and Thies (Tonbrauerei Studio)!

Home Studio!

These were days of hard work that surely will result in an excellent record!

We can't wait for the it to be ready!!



Ok, I'm sorry, but the blog is late again ...
This was the last show we did in Berlin before recording our 3rd album.
It was at the White Trash, a super rock'n'roll place in the city!

The DJ who put the sound before and after our show was amazing!

Many dear friends showed up there!
TaĆ­s and Winson...
Laura, Cleber and Michael.
Great vibe!!

Photos by Laura L.