This weekend Canja Rave was on one of the biggest and most important newspapers of Brazil.
The article by Silvio Essinger talks about duos from Brazil.
O Globo is from Rio de Janeiro, city where Canja Rave first started writing music.

Front cover! Pictures by Erik Weiss from Berlin, Germany. He is a very important photographer who has taken pictures from bands like The Foo Fighters, Oasis, Metallica, Franz Ferdinand...



It is with the greatest pleasure that we returned to Holland! In four days we did two shows (Amsterdam and Groningen) and recorded a video! Also, we got to see dear friends!
We love the atmosphere of Amsterdam and this time although it was a very quick passage there, it was very productive for the Canja Rave.
The show at The Waterhole was great, people were especially involved and stirred up with the new songs and we've scheduled another show soon...yeah!
The partnership with our friend Roberto Wong was really special ... show, drinks.. Hey Captain, laughter and ... "capotraste"! He produced the video for "So Lucky", a song of the 3rd album ... soon you will be able to enjoy it!

It was freezing cold, but all worth while for the music! Playing the washboard with a winter coat doesn't convince anyone!
"I'm not feeling my fingers!!" :) Cara de frio! Ai..ai..ui..ui!!

Of course we could not miss the classic "croquette display case" of Amsterdam! (Croquete de vitrine clássico!) Trash junk food a few coins away!
We already miss The Netherlands!
Soon we'll be back to release officially the new album "Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs"!!!!!