Canja Rave ended the year of 2012 playing at the Ramones Museum for the second time.

The museum is a reference and a must visit in Berlin. it´s a place where many famous bands have performed already. Most of the times the shows are acoustic and close to the audience.

We were the first Brazilians to have this rare opportunity, since not every band pleases the selective ear of Mr. Flo Hayler, journalisr and owner of the museum.
So for Canja Rave, participating on the New Year´s Eve party, such a special date was a priviledge and honor.

Once again we wish to thank Flo and the Ramones Museum, since playing on this temple of rock will always be a pleasure!

Bold and fun. Tough and funny. Loud and heartfelt. Paula Nozzari and Chris Kochenborger form Canja Rave, a powerful and melodic rock duo for whom no obstacle is big enough to detract them from the commitment to live life thru their music.

Following their intense and successful touring of the US and Europe between 2008 and 2010, and their move to Europe in 2011, Canja Rave begins 2012 by releasing their third album, "Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs", recorded at their new base town of Berlin, Germany, and mixed in the US, at the Nuthouse Recording, NJ. The album contains 9 new original songs featuring Paula's quintessential power drumming and Chris' to the point guitar riffs, all sustaining catchy melodies and English lyrics ranging from sarcastic social and political comments ("Never Ready for a War") to endearing ("Ducks") and humorous ("So Lucky") introspective snapshots with a twist, often inspired by the band's unusual experiences during their US tours ("Accident"). The album was produced and recorded by New York based producer Alvaro Alencar, who has been awarded 10 Latin Grammy awards to date, and works eclectically with artists from all origins and styles.

"Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs" powerful sounding tracks with their natural ambiences and original sonic signature reflect the live energy that elevates the spirit of the fans in Canja's live performances. Chris' vocals are edgy, as is his guitar sound, and Paula brings along with her no nonsense power drumming the beautiful countermelodies which she performs on the melodica. As a lonely and very inspired outside contribution, the title track brings in Hique Gomez and his enticing violin which boldly challenges the main melody in a sonic rush of energy.

Canja Rave's 2008 debut album, "Da Canja a Rave" (Portuguese lyrics) and its follow-up release "Badango" (also with Portuguese lyrics and produced by Detroit icon Jim Diamond of The White Stripes fame) were the previous landmarks in a 6 years career that took the band to over 200 live performances, in 3 continents, over 100 of them in the USA (30 states and 23,000 km, plus Canada). In Europe, CR performed in England, Germany, Scotland, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland... and of course they found some time to perform in their homeland Brazil..

Extensive touring and 3 albums in 4 years are not the only feat in Canja Rave's joyful ride. The band received two prizes in 2010, from the Sonicbids website for South by Southwest and for Songwriting at The Music Think Tank Festival in Milan, Italy, and were also acclaimed by many fans and supporters in multiple festival appearances: Dfest 2009 (Tulsa - Oklahoma), South by Southwest - SXSW 2009 and 2010 (Austin - Texas), United Islands 2011 (Praha - Czech Republic), Liverpool Sound City 2009 and 2011 (Liverpool - UK), The Music Think Tank 2010 (Milan - Italy), The Metro Times Blowout 2010 (Hamtramck - Detroit, Michigan), Motorcity Special #1 (Detroit, Michigan), Grito Rock 2009 and 2011 (South America), Rec Beat 2007 (Recife - Brazil), FĂȘte de La Musique 2011 and 2012 (Berlin - Germany).

With the new record ready to be delivered to the fans, Canja Rave is eager to show their recent explorations in the one place they feel truly at home: on the road.