The respected and demanding journalist Dum De Lucca from the Jukebox, Dynamite (São Paulo, Brazil) has considered "Dirty Shoes, Balls & Old Songs", Canja Rave's 3rd album among the most relevant albums in 2012.
Check it out on Dynamite Online's page!

The list contains in his opinion only 8 albums!

Here is the list:

- Patti Smith "Banga"

- Jack White "Blunderbuss"

- Project: "Nordeste Oculto - Nordeste Desvelado"

- Mumford & Sons "Babel"

- Alabama Shakes "Boys & Girls"

- Bob Dylan "Tempest"

- Canja Rave "Dirty Shoes, Balls & Old Songs"

Fiona Apple "The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do"

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USA (more than 30 states), Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Norway, Switzerland and Brazil.

Is your country here?? No??

Contact us!!! 
We will be happy to play in your city! ;)

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We recorded the 2nd album "Badango" (2010) in Detroit, USA - one of the cities we love the most in the world! - with the icon JIM DIAMOND in his studio GHETTO RECORDERS!! 

Every year he makes a calendar with some women who have recorded there and Paula Nozzari will be in "Girls of Ghetto Recorders 2013"!! So cool!

Here are some pics by Cassiano Griesang for the calendar, but we don't know yet which of the photos that Jim will choose ... and you, which do you prefer???

If you are interested in the calendar, please contact Jim Diamond!

Chris, Jim Diamond and Paula

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10/11/12 SHOW!

It's always a pleasure to play at The White Trash, but this day was a bit stressful because we played there and left quicky for the one more show in private party close to Berlin. Two shows in the same day!! That's really nice! 
This time we opened the show for a band from Sweden called Hong Faux....this guys are cool and are starting be famous in their country.

This time we opened the show for a band from Sweden called Hong Faux....this guys are cool and are starting be famous in their country.

We usually play side by side, because for us is much better, we are a duo...and I need to see the funny faces from Chris!! ;)

But that's ok, sometimes we don't care about playing in a "regular" stage, for us, what matters is a good vibe from the audience!!

Thanks again to all the people that were appreciating our show one more time in Berlin!  Thanks to our staff and see you soon folks! 

And for our surprise and even more fun we had the presence of Alec and Sascha from one of our favorite bands The Boss Hoss, one of the biggest in Germany!

Chris, Alec and Sascha (The Boss Hoss), Paula!

*Photos by Cassiano Griesang.



Saturday 10/11 we have 2 shows in the same day, that's great!!! We'll play again in the amazing place in Berlin called White Trash Fast Food with the cool band from Sweden: Hong Faux!! Next, we'll run to Babelsberg, Postdam, close to Berlin for one more show in private party... 

I have no doubt that this weekend will be a lot of fun, and you???


Canja Rave's Fan Art!

Temos recebido muitas homenagens legais de pessoas muito queridas que tem ido nos nossos shows. São verdadeiros presentes!!
We have been receiving a lot of great presents from really cool people that have been going to our shows!

Esse desenho foi feito por esses dois rapazes com fita tape na parede do Hirscheneck Kultur em Basel , Suíça, durante o show! 
These two guys did this tape art while we played our really sensational show at Hirscheneck in Basel, Switzerland! Thanks everyone for coming out that night, and thanks for this amazing tape art!

Esse é mais um desenho da Eliška Myška nossa querida amiga e fã de Pilsen, República Tcheca.
This is one more drawing of Canja Rave from Eliška Myška, our dear friend and fan from Pilsen, Czech Republic.



Next Show:

Bold and fun. Tough and funny. Loud and heartfelt. Paula Nozzari and Chris Kochenborger form Canja Rave, a powerful and melodic rock duo for whom no obstacle is big enough to detract them from the commitment to live life thru their music.

Following their intense and successful touring of the US and Europe between 2008 and 2010, and their move to Europe in 2011, Canja Rave begins 2012 by releasing their third album, "Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs", recorded at their new base town of Berlin, Germany, and mixed in the US, at the Nuthouse Recording, NJ. The album contains 9 new original songs featuring Paula's quintessential power drumming and Chris' to the point guitar riffs, all sustaining catchy melodies and English lyrics ranging from sarcastic social and political comments ("Never Ready for a War") to endearing ("Ducks") and humorous ("So Lucky") introspective snapshots with a twist, often inspired by the band's unusual experiences during their US tours ("Accident"). The album was produced and recorded by New York based producer Alvaro Alencar, who has been awarded 10 Latin Grammy awards to date, and works eclectically with artists from all origins and styles.

"Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs" powerful sounding tracks with their natural ambiences and original sonic signature reflect the live energy that elevates the spirit of the fans in Canja's live performances. Chris' vocals are edgy, as is his guitar sound, and Paula brings along with her no nonsense power drumming the beautiful countermelodies which she performs on the melodica. As a lonely and very inspired outside contribution, the title track brings in Hique Gomez and his enticing violin which boldly challenges the main melody in a sonic rush of energy.
Canja Rave's 2008 debut album, "Da Canja a Rave" (Portuguese lyrics) and its follow- up release "Badango" (also with Portuguese lyrics and produced by Detroit icon Jim Diamond of The White Stripes fame) were the previous landmarks in a 5 years career that took the band to over 250 live performances, in 3 continents, over 100 of them in the USA (30 states and 23,000 km, plus Canada). In Europe, CR performed in England, Germany, Scotland, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Norway, CzechRepublic, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland... and of course they found some time to perform
in their homeland Brazil...

Extensive touring and 3 albums in 4 years are not the only feat in Canja Rave's joyful ride. The band received two prizes in 2010, from the Sonicbids website for South by Southwest and for Songwriting at The Music Think Tank Festival in Milan, Italy, and were also acclaimed by many fans and supporters in multiple festival appearances: Dfest 2009 (Tulsa - Oklahoma), South by Southwest - SXSW 2009 and 2010 (Austin - Texas), United Islands 2011 (Praha - Czech Republic), The Pilsen City Fest 2012 (Pilsen - Czech Republic), Liverpool Sound City 2009 and 2011 (Liverpool - UK), The Music Think Tank 2010 (Milan - Italy), The Metro Times Blowout 2010 (Hamtramck - Detroit, Michigan), Motorcity Special # 1 (Detroit, Michigan), Grito Rock 2009 and 2011 (South America), Rec Beat 2007 (Recife - Brazil), Fête de La Musique 2011 (Berlin - Germany).
With the new record ready to be delivered to the fans, Canja Rave is eager to show their recent explorations in the one place they feel truly at home: on the road.



24.08.2012 - Releasy Party@Bassy Club, Berlin - Germany!

This show was the official release of our third album "Dirty Shoes, Balls & Old Songs" recorded in Berlin, mixed in New Jersey and produced by Alvaro Alencar. It was great, we had a lot of fun and were very happy with the presence of a really animated and hot crowd!! Thanks to everyone that shared this amazing moment with us!

Sound Check!!

After we were ready, it was time to warm up and wait for the crowd.

Pictures by
Erik Braga and Cassiano Griesang.


Time to start the party!

We played all the songs of the new album and some of the older stuff too.

Like always, funny faces were part of the show... and on this day we were very excited exorcizing all our angels and demons.

For us, it was really fun...

and dramatic too hahaha.

Sweating our clothes and the moustache of course!


Yes! It was crowded! People from various places of the world showed up to see us. People from Germany, England, Chile, Brasil, Portugal, Spain, and U.S.A...
Berlin is a real cosmopolitan city!


There was even a "wall moustache"!

Come on guys!

Mission accomplished!

Backstage after the show with Regis Paulo, João Luis, Stefan and Cyllon.

Laura Leiner... a "dinda"!

Denise...a Dd!

Our dear friend and work partner Cassiano Griesang...
Enough work, now it is time to p-a-r-t-y!!