24.08.2012 - Releasy Party@Bassy Club, Berlin - Germany!

This show was the official release of our third album "Dirty Shoes, Balls & Old Songs" recorded in Berlin, mixed in New Jersey and produced by Alvaro Alencar. It was great, we had a lot of fun and were very happy with the presence of a really animated and hot crowd!! Thanks to everyone that shared this amazing moment with us!

Sound Check!!

After we were ready, it was time to warm up and wait for the crowd.

Pictures by
Erik Braga and Cassiano Griesang.


Time to start the party!

We played all the songs of the new album and some of the older stuff too.

Like always, funny faces were part of the show... and on this day we were very excited exorcizing all our angels and demons.

For us, it was really fun...

and dramatic too hahaha.

Sweating our clothes and the moustache of course!


Yes! It was crowded! People from various places of the world showed up to see us. People from Germany, England, Chile, Brasil, Portugal, Spain, and U.S.A...
Berlin is a real cosmopolitan city!


There was even a "wall moustache"!

Come on guys!

Mission accomplished!

Backstage after the show with Regis Paulo, João Luis, Stefan and Cyllon.

Laura Leiner... a "dinda"!

Denise...a Dd!

Our dear friend and work partner Cassiano Griesang...
Enough work, now it is time to p-a-r-t-y!!

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