In Basel we definitely did the most rock'n'roll show of the tour and it was great to meet and be able to share the stage with The Jackets and Shady and the Vamp.

We played in The Twäng Däng Däng Surf Garage Punk Festival at Hirscheneck!!

The super cool art on the poster was done by the Brazilian artist Koostella.

In fact, this country has not only surprised by the beauty and quality of life, but also by the quality of the bands!

About the bands that played.

The place where the festival took happened is very cool, because they use a collective policy. There is no boss and all the people who work there alternate their functions.
On arrival a big bucket of coffee with chocolate cake with the sound of a cello!
And to our joy, unlike some European countries, Switzerland has not been contaminated by this wave of electronic music! Rock!
The house has several floors and is 1300 and something years of age! Super old! The shows are in the underground floor, in the central floor is the restaurant and coffee, and at the top are the rooms where the bands sleep!
The shows were really great, we had lots of fun!
Really good bier, snacks at the soundcheck, after a delicious dinner and the next day, before each band went back on the road, we could enjoy an excellent breakfast!

The bands!

And as always a basic walk through the city before returning to Berlin!
Também depois dessa turnê gastronômica na Suíça...