I keep getting
the official driver post from Canja Rave

Being back on the road is always a pleasure for us!

Soundcheck! We'd like to thank all the staff from The BossHoss. You were really cool with Canja Rave!

In the dressing room warming up for the show...arranging the final details.

OOOOPPPSS the stage is in the other direction!

And the show started!

We were surprised by the amount of people. The crowd was very receptive and generous!


Many facial expressions!!

Chris and I like always have our "facial gymnastics" moments throughout the show.

Mission accomplished!!

Now it is time to enjoy The BossHoss live, and to sell our albums!

Their show is super fun, and the guys are really cool!

We loved this opportunity. It was incredible for us and we hope to meet everyone again. The band and the crowd!!!

Thanks again to The BossHoss, Mainz, all the crowd for the good vibes and Cassiano!

Video "So Lucky" live@Zitadelle Mainz, Germany!

All images by Cassiano Griesang.

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