Sorry, but we have few pictures of Milan...so tired from driving!
Arriving in town, we returned the car and ran to 4Cento where the show was.

Here, Ramiro Levy helping us with the equipment.. special thanks to Daniel Plentz and Ramiro!! Great drum set...amazing biiiiiiiiig sound!

A beautiful place with an amazing garden, but unfortunately the rain would come soon after, and it made ​​the party happen on the inside, which was as beautiful as the outside.

Only soundcheck pictures!

The treatment was super special VIP!!!!!! After the show we had a wonderful dinner, which as usual in Italy, could only be delicious.

The "Avenida Brasil" party happens every Sunday at 4Cento hosted by Monica Paes. "Avenida Brasil" is also the name of her program in Radio Popolare.

The best part of being in Milan is always reuniting with dear friends as Monica Paes, Ramiro Levy, Eduardo Dechtiar, Ricardo Fischmann and Daniel Plentz...the guys from SELTON!!

People always very lively, fun and with a super good mood!

The city!!! Piazza del Duomo and...
...San Bernardino alle Ossa!! "Metal" Church!! Many skulls!

Look at this small video of "Dirty Shoes, Balls and Old Songs" at 4Cento.