This is a post that we don't need to talk about too much to illustrate.
Between our 2 last shows in Roncà and Milan we went to Venice to check it out.
As you know, we always like to talk about and photograph places we go through. Not always we have time and sometimes we don't register any images. Despite the fact there was no show in Venice, we thought it would be nice to show a little bit of this town.

The architecture and the whole concept of this city is amazing and unique. One of the most interesting cities we have ever been to.

Classic Gondola!

A special visit from Paula's mom who was with us when we were in Italy: Necy!

Crystals from Murano!


The weather was great and the sun was warm. We miss a little heat on our bodies.

In this difficult place to find a bathroom, nothing like "taking a leak" at Bar Xixi! Maybe a lot of tourists have gone there asking to go to the bathroom, and he named this place like this.
However, don't think you will get relief for free!

This city is basically filled up with tourists 24/7, but it is a place worth while going to.

Time to go to the next show. We took the "bus" to exit the city.

It was all very quickly, and we recommend this trip. It must be really hard to be a musician in Venice. We image how hard it is to play there and carry around the equipment between the canals...

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