Opening day at Minami Wheel in Osaka!

Our merch stand at the festival.

Canja Rave @ Minami Wheel 2013, Club Jungle in Osaka, Japan.

Excited new Canja Rave fans after the show! Badango! Arigato!

We are proud to have added Japan to the countries we have performed! The people here are amazing and all we have to say is "Thank you!!" and we'll come back!


Canja Rave films a video for the Crowd Funding campaign "All Together with Canja Rave in Japan!". This was a "thank you video", a reward bought by Hugo Arend from Porto Alegre (RS) in Brazil!

Who says we're on vacation? Chris and Paula buying kimonos in Osaka from the Takaoka family!
This was another of the rewards available in "All Together with Canja Rave in Japan!"

Still crowd funding here.. These fans chose to have a picture taken with Canja Rave in Japan!
Above Nathalia Stutz and us in front of the Osaka Castle. A magnificent historical sight.

Canja Rave and Erik Braga in Osaka!

The Henriques family and us!!

Canja Rave in Osaka. Looks like fun?
You bet it is :)
Thank you Osaka!!

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